About Us

Since it began in the 1960s, the paralegal profession has evolved into much more than a step to law school. Paralegals continue to assume more comprehensive roles in providing legal services to clients by performing a wide range of tasks that contribute to cost-effective, high-quality legal services for clients. The professional relationship between an attorney and a paralegal can be an asset to a company of any size.  

The Gate City Bar Association Paralegal Section was formed in 2004 by Clarence R. Johnson, Jr. to provide support to the Gate City Bar Association. When started the paralegal section was comprised of several committees. In 2008 the section underwent a major transformation adopting an Executive Board.

The purpose of the Paralegal Section is to promote the objectives of the Gate City Bar Association within the paralegal field. We encourage all paralegals interested in the issues of the paralegal profession throughout Georgia to meet, confer and help us promote the paralegal profession; We provide a communications network, promote the legal education of our members through the sponsoring of meetings, symposiums and conferences and by organizing opportunities for professional growth within the paralegal field.

The goals of the Paralegal Section are to establish good fellowship among its members and members of the legal community; to encourage a higher order of ethical and professional attainment; to further education and training among members of the profession; and to cooperate and foster working relationships with bar associations and other professional organizations.” Please visit or call 404-594-4227 for more information